ppp.jpg Born in 1965 I started with planespotting in 1979 (with Super 8 movie) and with aviation photography in 1981.

After thousands of Kodak slides taken I quit in 1989 and spent the next 25 years with Windsurfing and Kitesurfing on the best beaches around  the world.

The aviation virus stroke back in 2014 (it never has gone completely) and since then I'm back at the airports, mainly at my hometown Hamburg (with Airbus Hamburg-Finkenwerder)and twice a year in Asia (Bangkok/Thailand and Cebu/Philippines).





 I was born in Bratislava in 1974 and aviation became my passion since early childhood, thanks to my father. I spent hundreds of hours every year at Bratislava airport since early 80´s and after the collapse of the communism I started to travel abroad. First within Europe, later behind its frontiers and today I spend most of my vacations around airports all over the world. But I only started to take pictures seriously around 2000, first on film, since 2006 on a digital SLR camera. My hometown airport is BTS, Slovakia, but also VIE, Austria. I am especially in love with Russian/Soviet made aircraft (most of all IL-18) and older aircraft in general. The modern ones simply do not have the shape, the sound and the smoke trail of the past :-) I am also lucky to work in the aviation business since my studies.



paul_2.jpgI was born in Mulhouse on august 1943. I started taking B&W/colour prints aviation pictures in 1963, then Kodachrome slides from 1965.
I’m retired but has been working 40 years as a computer manager on Bull and IBM hardware.
Most of my pictures are published on many world magazines and today on some Internet blogs.
For a long time I’ve been exchanging slides with a lot of friends and I still do it with some of them.
Today with the new technology, I do many aviation and touristic movies.
My home airports are BSL(15mn)and ZRH(120mn)and I travel sometimes to FRA/TFS/NTE/TLS for special trips or holidays.



estevez.jpg I was born in Tenerife in 1955 and aviation photography my great passions, although only as an amateur.



Hi I am from Amsterdam, born there in 1957 and enjoying this hobby for about forty years now, starting with slides and now for the last years digital.
But still happy to trade slides from years ago with anybody who is interested.
I have also worked in aviation all my live and am happy that I am still able to combine my work with my hobby.
I have a wive and two children and two grandchildren. My hometown airport is Schiphol Airport.


Alexis MARAS


I was born on 26/04/1967 in Corinth.I'm married to a wonderful woman and
the last 15 years living in Athens. I work as a manager at mobile store and
my job is very close to the International Airport of Athens. My hobbies are
travel and photography. I started the aviation photography (civil &
military) at 2009.



I'm born in february 1972. I have a wonderful wife, she Support my expensive hobby. I'm a proudful father of a young boy. We life in Hamburg and I works for Lufthansa Technik as a aircraft component mechanic. I like to travelling around the world with family or with Friends to enjoy this wonderful hobby of Aircraft spotting.


Bill Mallinson is a 60 year old cashier from Christchurch, New Zealand.
His only hobby is aviation photography.

img_panas_copie.jpg Born in 1978, I am French, married 2 children and life to Samatan. I spotte on the airport of Toulouse Blagnac and I work to Airbus as painter aeronautical decorator on A320, A330, A340, A380 and soon A350. I like to make of the spotting on Tarbes or I go several times in the year.
AN_HONGZHOU.jpg I was born in Nyon, Switzerland, in 1970. I hold two nationalities (Swiss and British, my origin being Manchester). My home airport is Geneva (GVA). I started spotting in 1985 when I was 15 and used a rather basic camera at the time and used to shoot prints. I work for a Swiss private bank (the same one since 1987...). I lived two years in Dubai (2008-2010) having had the opportunity to move there while working with the bank and I must say I love that region. The aircraft types I prefer are russians and the kind of "oldies" nowadays such as the B727s, B732s, L10s, etc, most of which are getting difficult to see and catch unfortunately...
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